Composers in Conversation

Michael Emmerich

Tuesday, June 20, 9 AM

The organ art is living and effective! Throughout a week replete with classic and canonic works attendees at AGO 2016 will hear the organ give breath to utterly new works. This “Bayou City” convention features eight large commissions as well as the hymn-prelude collection Bayoubüchlein. This session engages this convention’s featured composers in a conversation concerning their craft. A group of 8-10 composers—drawing on both the creators of the major pieces as well as the Bayoubüchlein contributors—will field pre-screened questions that attempt to illuminate their discipline’s creative process. This may include, but is not limited to questions pertaining to time constraints, familiarity with instrumental medium, consideration of form, stylistic precedents, importance of compositional training, relative value of technical accessibility, and so forth. A brief concluding portion opens the floor for audience questions that may arise in the course of the discussion.