New Organ Music Reading Session from Wayne Leupold Editions

Wayne Leupold

Monday, June 20, 9 AM
Grand Ballroom B

In the session excerpts of new organ publications by Wayne Leupold Editions released since July 2014 would be presented displaying a wide range of technical levels. Some will be based on the entire historical repertoire from new editions of Attaingnant, Grigny, Pachelbel, the Netherlands school, Bach, Reger, Rogers, Becker, Dupré, and Lovelace to living composers such as Decker, Laurin, Dinda, Cooman, and Janzer. New organ demonstrators and transcriptions will also be presented.

Wayne Leupold holds a B.M. and B.A. “with distinction” from Valparaiso University, Valparaiso, Indiana, and a M.M. in organ performance from Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York. In 1989 he formed the music publishing company Wayne Leupold Editions, Inc.

In 2008, Wayne Leupold created The Leupold Foundation whose mission is the preservation, reproduction, and dissemination of the culture of the pipe organ. The preservation is achieved through The Leupold Archives which currently contains over 40,000 individual organ compositions, books on organ subjects, hymnals, and organ recordings from all historical periods and national schools.