The Four Verbs of Good Vocal Technique

Keith Weber

Tuesday, June 21, 8 AM
Grand Ballroom A

This practical demonstration/practicum/discussion of the physical (somatic) sensations of good vocal technique, led by an internationally-respected vocal coach who works for established, working singers across a wide variety of applications, will focus on four things that are felt, simultaneously, in the body during tone production, all of them active verbs:

1. Connect – the feeling and sensations of the feet and legs being grounded, connecting to the floor and providing stability and foundation.

2. Pressurize – the actions and sensations associated with firm breath support, from bottom to top to front, back and sides.

3. Quiet – the work of stress-free vocal cords and a relaxed, low larynx.

4. Release – the myriad ways of accessing resonance and letting go of things that constrict the sound of a voice.

This workshop will lead participants into a clear, practical understanding of how these should feel and offer a basis for communicating them to singers of any knowledge and skill level. Everyone at the workshop will be encouraged to sing along and find in their own bodies how these vital feelings work together to create the voice. There will also be ample time for questions and answers and practical demonstrations, one on one, with those gathered.

Recent GRAMMY-nominated [Best Opera Recording – 2011] recording producer Keith Weber is also a choral and orchestral conductor, vocal coach, organist, pianist, harpsichordist, and collaborator widely known for his musical versatility and excellence. Keith was the founding Associate Musical Director of the Lyric Opera of Dallas, and was Head Coach with the 2002-2005 Summer Festival, Opera In The Ozarks, has been Music Staff to the last four premieres of Houston Grand Opera [2013 and 2014), serves as a resource and vocal/career/life coach for dozens of young singers and works privately in the service of established, working singers across a variety of applications.