Why Volunteer?

By Sharon Brumley

Have you ever volunteered for something and later discovered that it was one of the best decisions you ever made? You actually provide a service and end up having a great adventure. I'm sure it happens more often than expected.

Recently I had retired from a challenging career in business administration and finance. It was nice to rest and not have to get all dressed up for work every day. Being a lifetime member of church choirs, I decided to volunteer to file in the Music Library at my church. I told the lady in charge of the volunteer Librarians that I'd gladly do anything that didn't require thinking or making decisions. I just wanted to file and help clean up.

Well, that didn't last long. My organizational talents soon surfaced and I was making suggestions for improvement. I knew spreadsheets were in the near future.

This volunteer experience didn't become a full time job, and it didn't change the world. But, it did allow me to use a talent I had to make a situation better.

Becoming a volunteer for the AGO 2016 Houston Convention could be your opportunity to share your skills and talents with many visitors to downtown Houston. Your smile, assistance and knowledge may be just what someone new to our city or someone wandering around the convention hotel needs to make their experience more rewarding. Please consider sharing some of your time.  Go to our online volunteer platform and explore the full range of volunteer opportunities at the AGO convention this summer.