Building A Strong Chapter - How to Identify, Recruit, and Train Chapter Leaders

Leslie Wolf Robb

Monday, June 20, 8 AM

Does your chapter struggle to find people to fill the slate of officers each year? Do the same people serve over and over? Are your board meetings disorganized? Is there someone on your board who disagrees with almost anything that is proposed? It’s all too common for chapters to fill board positions with anyone breathing who says yes, or to use the same people over and over as officers. Recycling is good for the environment, but it's not necessarily beneficial for your chapter! For chapters to function effectively, grow, and fulfill the AGO’s mission of enriching lives through organ and choral music, outstanding leadership is essential. In this workshop you'll learn how to identify, recruit, and train members to serve as chapter leaders. We'll discuss ways to deal with conflict, disagreement, and different personality styles. Ideas for running a productive and stimulating board meeting will be provided, along with an overview of the new Chapter Management Handbook. You'll learn what every board member needs to know in order to do his or her work effectively. Join us and take home the tools to transform your chapter leadership!

Leslie Wolf Robb has served on the board of San Diego AGO in many capacities, was Dean from 2001-2003, co-chaired the 2001 Regional Convention, has led chapter long-range planning retreats, chairs the San Diego AGO Education Committee, and has been involved in the planning and production of each of San Diego AGO’s fIve Pipe Organ Encounters. She served as director of National AGO's Committee on Regional Conventions from 2002–2005, served on the Committee on Regional Competitions for Young Organists from 2005-2010, and was Councillor for Region IX from 2010-2014. Leslie currently serves as director of the AGO’s National Nominating Committee.