Cover Letter Clinic

Cheryl Duerr

Thursday, June 23, 10 AM

Whether looking for your first position or your tenth, everyone needs to master what to say in a good, targeted cover letter and resume. The biggest stumbling block for many candidates is how to use the cover letter to compel the employer to read your resume or CV and invite you for the interview. The style of resume or CV you choose will depend on many variables such as your work history, the type of position for which you are applying, and your skill sets. Learn how to do job search by seeing available positions through employers’ wants and needs, understanding the euphemisms employers use, and learning how to look at yourself through employers’ eyes. Learn how to distill the essence of what employers are looking for in their listings and then how to mine for the gold in your experience which might make you an attractive candidate. Learn to keep running tabs on your skills and accomplishments so that you are ready to assemble a great targeted cover letter and resume at a moment’s notice. Most important and probably most elusive is how to convey those special qualities that distinguish you from other applicants.

Bring your cover letter, resume, and any recent job postings that interest you for hands-on practice of these essential skills. Getting hired is all about knowing yourself and your skills, getting inside the heads of those with the power to hire, and finding the common areas which will excite the employer or search committee and get you hired!

Cheryl Duerr, MM, AAGO, ICF (International Coach Federation) specializes in working with clients on transitions, second careers and job search in her private coaching practice Duerr Consulting. She has developed workshops on topics such as career management, job search, and discernment of gifts, for AGO chapters, conventions and POEs, churches, and retreat centers such Ghost Ranch. She has written numerous articles on various career topics, appearing in TAO, on the HQ website, as well as elsewhere.


My great passion is coaching the next generation of organists to achieve more in their careers.


Ms. Duerr is Northeast Regional Councillor. 

You can download the handout for this workshop here.