Duplicate of An Introduction to the Organ Music of Max Reger

AGO National Council Workshops   
Anderson, Christopher &
Dean Billmeyer           

An Introduction to the Organ Music of Max Reger
Bae, Jeong-Suk

Modern Realization of Solo Partimenti by Bernardo Pasquini (1637-1720) 
Bauer, Michael

Playing to Learn –Learning to Play: The Art of Practicing the Organ
Belcher, Diane

“Why Does He Do That?” — An Honest Look at Clergy/Musician Relationships 
Bell, Joby

Thematic and Stylistic Devices in Widor's Symphonie romane, Op. 73 
Bellotti, Edoardo

The “Tricks of the Trade”: Working with Adriano Banchieri’s L'Organo Suonarino      
Buzard, Linda

Incorporating the RSCM “Voice for Life”in your Choral Program 
Cattiaux, Bertrand

The Great Organ of Notre-Dame de Paris: Evolution from its Origin (18th century) Until Today
Choi, Mina

Max Reger’s Fantasie and Fuga in D-moll, Op. 135b (1915):
Viewing its Genesis through the Lens of World War I”
Coffey, Richard

Masterpieces in Miniature: Exploring and Singing Short, Modern Choral Works for the Church Year 
Davy, Nathan

Bach’s Vivaldi: An Examination of Bach’s Transcription Process 
Demers, Isabelle

Organ Transcriptions
Emerson, Susan

Aches and pains: from your organ console . . . or your computer workstation? 
Emmerich, Michael

Composers in Conversation
Erickson, Rick

Bach Vespers for Today
Gebuhr, Ann

St. Hildegard von Bingen – A Benedictine for Our Time
Golden, Joseph

The Organ as a Collaborative Instrument: Challenges from a Singer’s Perspective
Grassin, Didier

The Rise and Fall of Symmetry in Organ Case Designs
Guenther, Eileen

The Power of Spirituals
Harris, Ben

The Director as Diagnostician: Handbell Techniques
Hart, Kenneth

A Day for Dancing: The Life and Music of Lloyd Pfautsch
Hausmann, Charles

Bi-lingual Conducting: Connecting Voices and Instruments Through Culture Specific Vocabulary  
Holman, Christopher

Alternatim Performance Practice in French Classical Organ Works
Hong, Riyehee

Organ Music of the Iberian Peninsula: Settings of Pange Lingua of Morehispano
from the Sixteenth Century to the Present Day 
Jennings, Christopher 

Developing a Healthful Playing Technique
Jones, Joyce

Camil Van Hulse and Seth Bingham: A New Look at Two Prominent Composers of the Past 
Kelly, Ryan

Masterworks Your Choir Can Perform
Kelly, Ryan

Quality Repertoire for Small Choirs and Small Budgets
Kibbie, James

Recent Bach Discoveries for Recital, Church and Teaching
Kronner, Patrick

Made in America: The Organ Works of Arthur Foot
Kull, Joyce Shupe

Creating Inspiring Descants for Choir, Organ or Instruments
Laver, Annie

How to Create Events that Attract and Encourage Teenage Organists
Leupold, Wayne with
Dennis Janzer

New Organ Music Reading Session from Wayne Leupold Editions 
McIntyre, Jeffrey

Step up to the AGO Certification Examinations
Miller, Crista

From Triomphe de l’Art Modal to The Embrace of Fire: Charles Tournemire, Eastern Scales and the
Organ Music of Naji Hakim 
Mueller, Tom

Organ Continuo Practice in Classical-Era Concerted Sacred Music
Nave, Carol and
Patrick Pope

Online Strategies to Engage Your Audience and Supporters 
Paradies, Elena

Teaching Pre-College Organ Students: Methods of the Twenty-First Century 
Peitsalo, Peter

German Influences in Finnish Organ Art of the 19th and 20th Centuries
Pickering, David

The Life and Legacy of Arthur Poister
Quinn, Iain

The English Organ Sonata and the Path to Elgar
Riess, Dorothy Young

Performing in the Golden Years: Just Survive or Really Thrive? 
Rone, Vincent E.

The Language of Transcendence: the French Organ School in the Twentieth Century 
Ruiter-Feenstra, Pamela

Bach’s Quintessential Continuo Playing: Quartets Out of Trios 
Simpson, Marianna

Working with Young Singers and Getting Results
Spritzer, Damin

Volume I of the Critical Edition of the Organ Works of René Louis Becker 
Steele, Charlie

William Walker – Shaper of Southern Song 
Steinbach, Mark

Anton Heiller’s Variations: Posthumous Discoveries
Sung, HyeHyun

Adagio Lost and Adagio Regained: A Study of the Lost Art of Improvising in the Adagio Genre,
with Emphasis on Handel’s Organ Concertos 
Sustein, Aaron

A New Kind ofOrgan Concert: Audience Outreach through Multimedia Presentations
te Velde, Rebecca and 
David Blackwell
Bridging the Big Pond: A Bi-Continental Collaboration of Composer
Terry, Carole

Physiology of Organ Playing
Unger, Michael

Gaston Litaize’s Douze Pièces Pour Grand Orgue at the Crossroads of 1930s Paris
Wannamaker, Sarah

The Intersection of Politics and Organ Music in Mid-Century Germany
Weber, Betsy

The Ten Commandments of Leading Good Choral Rehearsals: When Research and Common Sense Converge 
Weber, Keith

The Four Verbs of Good Vocal Technique
White, David Ashley

The Commissioning Process
Williams, Anthony

Organ Music of Black Composers
Young, Jonathan

Using the Tremulant in French Classical Literature